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Colombiere features an outdoor heated pool which is open seasonally. Guests are welcome to enjoy a refreshing swim in the pool to relieve stress and satisfy exercise needs. Please bring your own towels for pool use.


Lifeguards are required for pool use.   One lifeguard is required for every 50 people in the pool enclosure.  The lifeguards must have current lifeguard credentials and must be CPR certified for adults, children, and infants with training in 2-person and resuscitation barriers.  The lifeguards must provide their own equipment:  megaphone, whistle, rescue tube, and resuscitation mask.  Each group must provide a signed statement affirming that each lifeguard will arrive with the aforementioned equipment.  Copies of the credentials are to be provided to Colombiere Center prior to engagement of the contract, and are to be posted poolside when the group is utilizing the pool.



Shepherd's Hollow Golf Club

Shepherd's Hollow is a 27 hole public golf course. It has been acclaimed as one of Michigan's finest golf courses. To visit the Shepherd's Hollow website click here.



LabyrinthColombiere Center can offer your group a Labyrinth experience. Walking a Labyrinth is a right brain activity (creative, intuitive, imaginative), and can induce or enhance a contemplative or meditative state of mind.  It is a tool which can clear the mind, calm our anxieties during periods of transition and stress, guide healing, deepen self knowledge, enhance creativity, allow for reconciliation, restore feelings of belonging to a community, and lead to personal and spiritual growth.  For many walkers the labyrinth becomes a metaphor for the journey of life: although full of twists and turns, each of us is on a single path through his or her life and yet each person's journey is a separate and distinct qualitative experience.  In walking labyrinths, modern seekers are emulating and recapturing the pilgrimage tradition of many ancient faiths.




Wireless Internet

Colombiere now offers WiFi access to our visitors in most areas.



Seating is provided around our campfire which may be reserved for groups to use.  We provide all of the materials you will need except for the s’mores





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