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About Us

Colombiere Center is one of the best-kept secrets in Southeastern Michigan. Secluded, yet only a short drive from Flint, Detroit, or Lansing, conference attendees avoid the distractions of the city and surround themselves with acres of towering pines, oaks, and walking trails. Gardens and pathways are open invitations for quiet walks.
A Colombiere Center event will enhance and revitalize your team-building, learning, problem-solving, strategic planning, and allows guests to connect through the mind, body, and spirit.

Colombiere Center opened as a Jesuit training facility in 1959 (formerly Colombiere College). The formation was a 4-year program, 2 years of Novitiate and 2 years of College. Everyone who worked and lived here was a Jesuit priest or brother. The center is named after Claude de la Colombiere, a Jesuit teacher, orator, and spiritual director who lived in France from 1641 to 1682. Pope John Paul II canonized Claude de la Colombiere in 1992.
The center focuses on healthcare for retired Jesuit priests and brothers from the Midwest Province. We also serve as a conference and retreat center with accommodations, meals, and amenities for day meetings and overnight guests. Although the facilities reflect the Jesuit influence, we are not limited to those of the Catholic faith. Colombiere Center hosts a broad spectrum of non-profit and for-profit groups and is available for spiritual, educational, social, and wellness groups and camps.

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An event at Colombiere Center will enhance and revitalize your team building, learning, problem solving, and strategic planning or spiritual and personal growth goals.

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